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Alex, T C and Kailath, A J and Kumar, Rakesh (2020) Al-Monohydrate (Boehmite) to Al-Trihydrate(Bayerite/Gibbsite) Transformation During High-Energy Milling. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, Online (IF-1.874). pp. 1-9.

Chakravarty, Koushik and Kumar, Sunil (2020) Increase in energy efficiency of a steel billet reheating furnace by heat balance study and process improvement. Energy Reports, 6 (3.83). pp. 343-349.

Dey, R and Tarafder, Soumitra and Bar, H and Sivaprasad, S (2020) Correlating Effect of Temperature on Cyclic Plastic Deformation Behavior with Substructural Developments for Austenitic Stainless Steel. Journal of materials engineering and performance .

Dutta, Siuli and Panda, A K and Mitra, Amitava and Chatterjee, S and Roy, Rajat K (2020) Microstructural evolution, recovery and recrystallization kinetics of isothermally annealed ultra low carbon steel. Mater. Res. Express , 7 (2020) 016554 .

Hasan, Sk Md and Ghosh, M and Chakrabarti, D and Singh, S B (2020) Development of continuously cooled low-carbon, low-alloy, high strength carbide-free bainitic rail steels. Materials Science & Engineering A, 771 (IF-4.081). p. 138590.

Kumar, Amarjeet and Murugaiyan, Premkumar and Panda, A K and Roy, Rajat K (2020) Effect of compositional elements and processing routes on structural and thermal response in Fe-based metallic glasses. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 821 (2020) 153279 (4.175). p. 153279.

Kumar, Krishna and Das, Suchandan K and Kumar, Manoj and Krishna, Kumar (2020) Heat transfer modelling of dropwise condensation behaviour of magnesium vapours in the electrothermal production of magnesium. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, online (IF-0.912). pp. 1-18.

Kumar, S (2020) Structural Evolution of Iron-Copper (Fe-Cu) Bimetallic Janus Nanoparticles during Solidification: An Atomistic Investigation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124(1) . pp. 1053-1063.

Kumar , Sunil (2020) Structural Evolution of Iron–Copper (Fe–Cu) Bimetallic Janus Nanoparticles during Solidification: An Atomistic Investigation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 . pp. 1053-1063.

Kumari, Archana and Singh, Sunidhi and Parmar, Kavita and Pathak, Devendra Deo and Jha, Manis Kumar (2020) Treatment of monazite processed effluent to recover rare earth metals (REMs). Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 83 (4.978). pp. 421-429.

Meshram, Pratima and Mishra, Abhilash and Abhilash, and Sahu, Rina (2020) Environmental impact of spent lithium-ion batteries and green recycling perspectives by organic acids - A review. Chemosphere, 242 (IF-5.108).

Murugaiyan, Premkumar and Bedanta, Subhankar and Jena, S K and Panda, A K and Mitra, A and Bysakh, S and Roy, Rajat K (2020) Crystallization and magnetic hardening behaviour of Fe-rich FeSiBNb(Cu) melt-spun alloys. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 502 (2.683).

Murugaiyan, Premkumar and Mitra, Amitava and Roy, Rajat K and Bijalwan, P K and Dutta, Monojit and Banerjee, Atanu and Panda, A K (2020) Glass forming ability and soft-magnetic properties of Fe-based glassy alloys developed using high phosphorous pig Iron. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 821 (4.175).

Nath, S K (2020) Fly ash and zinc slag blended geopolymer: Immobilization of hazardous materials and development of paving blocks. Journal of Hazardous Materials .

Nath, S K (2020) Role of particle fineness on engineering properties and microstructure of fly ash derived geopolymer. Construction and Building Materials .

Panda, Rekha and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D (2020) Recycling of gold from waste electronic components of devices. Korean journal of Chemical Engineering, 37(1) . pp. 111-119.

Panda, Rekha and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, Devendra Deo (2020) Novel approach for selective recovery of gold, copper, and iron as marketable product from industrial effluent. Gold Bulletin .

Rai, R K and Sahu, J K and Das, S K and Paulose, N and Fernando, C (2020) Creep-fatigue deformation micromechanisms of a directionally solidified nickel-base superalloy at 850 degrees C. Fatigue & fracture of engineering materials & structures, 43(1) . pp. 51-62.

Shekhar, Saurabh and Sinha, S and Mishra, D and Agrawal, A and Sahu, K K (2020) A sustainable process for recovery of potash fertilizer from glauconite through simultaneous production of pigment grade red oxide. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 23 .

Singla, Rashmi and Alex, T C and Kumar, Rakesh (2020) On mechanical activation of glauconite: Physicochemical changes, alterations in cation exchange capacity and mechanisms. Powder Technology, 360 . pp. 337-351.

Sinha, Shivendra and Choudhary, R and Mishra, D and Shekhar, Saurabh and Agrawal, A and Sahu, K K (2020) Valorisation of waste galvanizing dross: Emphasis on recovery of zinc with zero effluent strategy. Journal of Environmental Management, 256 (IF-4.865). p. 109985.

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