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Ammasi, A and Pal, J and Pal, Jagannath and Ammasi, Ayyandurai (2024) Use of Additives as Internal Heat Sources in Hematite Ore Pellets- A Review. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, online (4.5).


Bhattacharya, Ankita and Biswal, S and Barik, R K and Mahato, B and Ghosh, M and Mitra, Rahul and Chakrabarti, Debalay (2024) Comparative interplay of C and Mn on austenite stabilization and low temperature impact toughness of low C medium Mn steels. Materials Characterization, 208 .


Chaurasia, P K and Barik, B K and Das, A and Goecke, S F and De, A (2024) Probing dimensional consistency during multi-track multi-layer gas metal arc directed energy deposition of aluminium alloys. Welding in the World .

Choudhury, A S R and Kumar, Sudhir and Gupta, N and Jana, Animesh and Bhattacharya, P (2024) Mechanochemically Assisted Microwave-Induced Plasma Synthesis of a N-Doped Graphitic Porous Carbon-Based Aqueous Symmetric Supercapacitor with Ultrahigh Volumetric Capacitance and Energy Density. ACS Applied Electronic Materials .


Das Chakraborty, S and Kumar, U and Bhattacharya, P and Mishra, T (2024) Tailoring of Visible to Near-Infrared Active 2D MXene with Defect-Enriched Titania-Based Heterojunction Photocatalyst for Green H2 Generation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 16(2) . pp. 2204-2215.


Kumar, Ashish and Singh, V P and Mallik, A and Sahoo, Biraj K and Singh, R C and Chaudhary, R (2024) The utilization of agricultural and industrial waste in the synthesis of AA7075-based novel lightweight composite. Journal of Materials Science .

Kumari, Suruchi and Panda, A K and Prasad, Ranjit and Alorro, R D and Jha, Manis K (2024) Sustainable Process to Recover Metals from Waste PCBs Using Physical Pre-Treatment and Hydrometallurgical Techniques. Sustainability , 16(1) .


Mani, M and Mariyaselvakumar, M and Tothadi, S and Panda, Asit Baran and Srinivasan, K and Konwar, L J (2024) Base free HMF oxidation over Ru-MnO2 catalysts revisited: Evidence of Mn leaching to Mn-FDCA complexation and its implications on catalyst performance. Molecular Catalysis .

Meena, L K and Gorja, S R and Bhardwaj, A and Singh, Raghuvir (2024) Service Domains of 13Cr Martensitic Stainless Steels: A Review of State-of-Art Knowledge vis-à-vis ANSI/NACE MR0175/ISO 15156. Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals .

Meena, L K and Madan, M and Chaudhari, G P and Singh, Raghuvir (2024) Flow-Assisted Corrosion of API 5L X56 Steel: Effect of Flow Velocity and Dissolved Oxygen. Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals .


Nath, Prekshya and Bar, H N and Bhattacharjee, Amit and Sen, I (2024) Designing of novel microstructure and its impact on the improved service temperature mechanical performance of 2nd and 3rd generation advanced intermetallic TiAl alloys. Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and processing, 893 .


Pradhan, S K and Jena, P S M and Chaithanya, P V S and Singh, R (2024) Enhancement of Molten Salt Corrosion Resistance of Ni-Based Superalloy Through Adding Inhibitor. Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals .


Rai, R K and Paulose, N and Sahu, J K (2024) The effects of microstructure and temperature on the deformation heterogeneities and fatigue behavior of a Ni-based superalloy. Philosophical Magazine .

Rajkamal, A and Sharma, A and Pullagura, B K and Thapa, R and Kim, H (2024) Engineering lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxides cathodes: A computational and experimental approach to bridging gaps. Chemical Engineering Journal, 481 .


Sahoo, Biraj K and Walunj, M G and Srivastava, V C and Pais, R and Pathak, L C and Mandal, G K (2024) Elimination of Wettability Issues in Interstitial Free High Strength (IFHS) Steel by Controlling the Annealing Atmosphere. Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals .

Sankar, Tapan Kumar and Abhilash, and Meshram, Pratima (2024) Environmental Impact Assessment in the Entire Life Cycle of Lithium‑Ion Batteries. Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology, 262 (5) (6.9).

Singh, R K and Paswan, S (2024) Isothermal High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Nickel-Based Superalloy IN740H. Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals .


Usha, Yenni and Das, Atanu and Bansal, G K and Krishna, K Gopala and Mandal, G K (2024) Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow During Laser Powder Bed Fusion of SS316L Stainless Steel. Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals .

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