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Abhilash, and Agarwal, Harshita and Meshram, Pratima and Meshram, Rohit B and Jha, Soni and Patel, J N and Soni, M K and Rokkam, Kiran and Mashruwala, Sheeba (2021) Green process for recovery of vanadium from hazardous spent contact process catalyst by oxalic acid: kinetics and mechanism. Separation Science and Technology (1.75).

Abhilash, and Hedrich, Sabrina and Schippers, Axel (2021) Distribution of scandium in red mud and extraction using Gluconobacter oxydans. Hydrometallurgy, 202 (3.356).

Abhilash, and Tabassum, Shirin and Ghosh, Anirban and Meshram, Pratima and van Hullebusch, Eric (2021) Microbial Processing of Waste Shredded PCBs for Copper Extraction Cum Separation—Comparing the Efficacy of Bacterial and Fungal Leaching Kinetics and Yields. Metals, 11, 317 (2.369).

Abhilash, and Usha, Yenni and Seetharaman, K and Meshram, Pratima and Mehta, K D and Pandey, B D (2021) Application of Hydrodynamics Using CFD in Evaluating Efficacy of External Loop Air-lift Reactor Biochemical Leaching of Sea Nodules. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review .

Abhilash, and Vaidyanathan, Swetha and Meshram, Pratima (2021) An overview on chemical processes for synthesis of graphene from waste carbon resources. Carbon Letters (1.917).

Adekunle , Adeleke and Jamiu , Odusote and Peter , Ikubanni and Olumuyiwa , Lasode and Madhurai , Malathi and Paswan, Dayanand (2021) Physical and mechanical characteristics of composite briquette from coal and pretreated wood fines. Int J Coal Sci Technol .

Agarwal, Sanjay and Dubey, Vishal kumar and Park, K H and Lee, Jin-Young (2021) Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Coal and Coal Fly Ash. In: Clean Coal Technologies Beneficiation, Utilization, Transport Phenomena and Prospective. Springer Nature , Switzerland AG , pp. 557-574. ISBN 978-3-030-68501-0

Ammasi, A (2021) Development of synthetic slag for desulphurisation of the steel during steelmaking in induction furnace. Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, online .

Ammasi, A and Pal, J (2021) Blast Furnace Flue Dust as a Potential Carbon Additive in Hematite Ore Pellet. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallaurgy Review, Online published (IF-2.76).


Bansal, G K and Chandan, A K and Srivastava, V C and Gopalakrishna, K and Das, Goutam and Rajkumar, S and Ghosh Chowdhury, S and Tarafder, S (2021) Studies on Tensile Behaviour of Selective Laser Melted 316L Stainless Steel Using SEM Straining Stage. Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering . pp. 1-11.


Chae, Sujin and Yoo, Kyoungkeun and Alorro, Richad Diaz and Jha, Manis K (2021) Effect of Lead and Antimony on Sulfuric Acid Leaching of Copper in Speiss from Top Submerged Lance Furnaces. Korean Journal of Metals and Materials, 59(1) . pp. 33-40.

Choubey, Pankaj K and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Panda, Rekha and Kumari, Archana and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D (2021) Selective extraction and separation of Li, Co and Mn from leach liquor of discarded lithium ion batteries (LIBs). Waste Management, 121 . pp. 452-457.

Choubey, Pankaj K and Kumari, Archana and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D (2021) Recovery of Cobalt as Cobalt Sulfate from Discarded Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) of Mobile Phones. Rare Metal Technology 2021 . pp. 47-53.

Choubey, Pankaj K and Singh, Nityanand and Panda, Rekha and Kumar, J Rajesh and Yoo, Kyoungkeun and Park, Ilhwan and Jha, Manis K (2021) Development of Hydrometallurgical Process for Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (Nd, Pr, and Dy) from Nd-Fe-B Magnets. Metals .


Ghosh, A and Das, T K and Sharma, A K and Mukherjee, R and Bhushan, A and Sagar, S P (2021) Microwave-assisted infrared thermography: A tool for quality assessment of blast furnace feeds. Infrared Physics & Technology, 114 .


Jha, Manis K and Choubey, Pankaj K and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Panda, Rekha and Kumar, J Rajesh and Yoo, Kyoungkeun and Park, Ilhwan (2021) Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (REMs) from Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries of Electric Vehicles. Minerals .


Kamaraj, A and Tripathy, S and Chalavadi, G and Sahoo, P P and Misra, Siddhartha (2021) Characterization and Assessment of Mold Flux for Continuous Casting of Liquid Steel Using an Inverse Mold Simulator. Steel Resarch International, online . p. 2100121.

Kamaraj, Ashok and Meshram, Rohit B (2021) A comparative study on environmental impact analysis of synthetic and ESR flux used for refining of steel. 28th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering .

Kumari, Aarti and Dipali, Jha and Randhawa, N S and Sahu, S K (2021) Electrochemical treatment of spent NdFeB magnet in organic acid for recovery of rare earths and other metal values. Journal of Cleaner Production, 309 (7.246).

Kumari, Archana and Choubey, Pankaj K and Gupta, Rajesh and Jha, Manis K (2021) Recovery of Lithium (Li) Salts from Industrial Effluent of Recycling Plant. Rare Metal Technology 2021 . pp. 91-100.


Lee, Jae-chun and Jha, Manis K and Panda, Rekha and Choubey, Pankaj K and Kumari, Archana and Kim, Tai Gyun (2021) Developing Feasible Processes for the Total Recycling of WEEE to Recover Rare Metals. Rare Metal Technology 2021 . pp. 197-209.


Meshram, R B and Kumar, Sanjay (2021) Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of geopolymer cement manufacturing with Portland cement in Indian context. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology .


Pal, Jagannath and D, Prasad and T, Venugopalan (2021) Modified coke breeze distribution in Iron ore sintering - A Novel technique of reducing energy consumption and improving quality. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy, 57(1) (IF-1.6). pp. 73-82.

Pal, Jagannath and Rajshekar, Y and Kumar, Sanjay and Venugopalan, T (2021) Development of carbon composite iron ore slime briquettes for using in ironmaking. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Vol. 63, No. 1-2, January-June 2021 . pp. 1-11.

Panda, Rekha and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Kumari, Archana and Gupta, Rajesh and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D (2021) Hydrometallurgical processing of waste integrated circuits (ICs) to recover Ag and generate mix concentrate of Au, Pd and Pt. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 93 (IF-5.278). pp. 315-321.

Panda, Rekha and Jha, Manis K and Lee, Jae-chun and Pathak, D D (2021) Developed Commercial Processes to Recover Au, Ag, Pt, and Pd from E-waste. Rare Metal Technology 2021 . pp. 115-126.

Park, Ilhwan and Kanazawa, Yuki and Sato, Naoya and Galtchandmani, Purevdelger and Jha, Manis K and Tabelin, Carlito Baltazar and Jeon, Sanghee and Ito, Mayumi and Hiroyoshi, Naoki (2021) Beneficiation of Low-Grade Rare Earth Ore from Khalzan Buregtei Deposit (Mongolia) by Magnetic Separation. Minerals .

Park, Yujin and Eom, Yuik and Yoo, Kyoungkeun and Jha, Manis K (2021) Leaching of Copper from Waste-Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in Sulfate Medium Using Cupric Ion and Oxygen. Metals, 11(9) .

Prasad, Sanjay and Kumar, Manoj and Randhawa, N S (2021) Processing of Chromite Overburden by Soda Roasting to Recover Chromium as Sodium Chromate. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, online .


Saha, S and Ghosh , M and Pramanick, A K and Mondal, C and Maity, J (2021) Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al/Cu-p/SiCp/TiCp-Based Hybrid Composites Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering. Journal of materials engineering and performance .


Tome, Sylvain and Bewa, C N and Nana, Achile and Nemaleu, J G D and Etoh, Marie-Annie and Tchakoute, H K and Kumar, Sanjay and Etame, Jacques (2021) Structural and Physico-mechanical Investigations of Mine Tailing-Calcined Kaolinite Based Phosphate Geopolymer Binder. Silicon .

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