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Abhilash, and Meshram, Pratima (2019) Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Metallurgical Wastes. In: Sustainable and Economic Waste Management-Resource Recovery Techniques. CRC Press, Australia, pp. 247-262. ISBN 9780367232559

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Kumari, Aarti and Sahu, K K and Sahu, S K (2019) Solvent Extraction and Separation of Nd, Pr and Dy from Leach Liquor of Waste NdFeB Magnet Using the Nitrate Form of Mextral (R) 336At in the Presence of Aquo-Complexing Agent EDTA. Metals, 9(2) . pp. 1-16.


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Pal, J (2019) Innovative Development on Agglomeration of Iron Ore Fines and Iron Oxide Wastes. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 40(4) (IF-1.615). pp. 248-264.

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Prasad, Sanjay and Kumar, Manoj (2019) Recovery of Acid and Ferrous Chloride from leach liquor of reduced ilmenite by hydrothermal process. In: APM 2019, 4-5 July, Bangalore.

Prasad, Sanjay and Kumar, Manoj (2019) Utilization of roast reduced ilmenite leach liquor for ferrous chloride production by hydrothermal process. In: International Conference Non Ferrous Minerals and Metals, 12-13 July 2019, Kolkata.

Priya, Jayati and Randhawa, N S and Patel, J N and Jha, Soni and Hait, Jhumki (2019) Studies on the recovery of copper from the dust generated in copper smelter. In: 23rd International Conference on Nonferrous Minerals and Metals, 12-13 July 2019, Kolkata, India.


Rao, M Ananda and Yerriswamy, V and Kumar, M V Pavan and Narasaiah, N (2019) A comparative study on the rheological properties of two coal water slurries with sodium tripolyphosphate as dispersant. International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization . pp. 1-13.


Sahu, L and Bhattacharya, S and Dey, S (2019) Release analysis of coal fines: Evolution of the methodology and critical issues involved. Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 119(6) . pp. 595-606.

Singla, Rashmi and Kumar, Sanjay and Alex, T C (2019) Reactivity Alteration of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag by Mechanical Activation for High Volume Usage in Portland Slag Cement. Waste and Biomass Valorization . pp. 1-11.

Sinha, Shivendra and Abhilash, and Meshram, Pratima (2019) An Overview of extraction schemes for the recovery of Erbium. In: Critical and Rare Earth Elements. CRC Press, Boca raton, US, pp. 156-164. ISBN 978-0367086473


Tope, Ogundele Damilola (2019) Synthesis, modification and application of nano structured ultra fine lead (II) oxide from spent automobile lead acid battery. PhD thesis, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Zhang, Yanjun and Zhao, Hongbo and Zhang, Yisheng and Qian, Lu and Zhang, Luyuan and Meng, Xiaoyu and Lv, Xin and Abhilash, and Janjua, Hussnain Ahned and Qiu, Guanzhou (2019) Interactions between marmatite and bornite during the oxidative dissolution process in abiotic and biotic systems. RSC Advances, 9 (IF-3.51). pp. 26609-26618.

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