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Abhilash, and Hedrich, Sabrina and Meshram, Pratima and Schippers, Axel and Gupta, A and Sen, Subhadra (2022) Extraction of REEs from Blast Furnace Slag by Gluconobacter oxydans. Minerals, 12(6) .

Abhilash, and Inamdar, I (2022) Recycling of plastic wastes generated from COVID-19: A comprehensive illustration of type and properties of plastics with remedial options. Science of Total Environment, 838(1) .

Akhtar, M and Khajuria, A (2022) The Synergistic Effects among Crystal Orientations, Creep Parameters, Local Strain, Macro-Microdeformation, and Polycrystals' Hardness of Boron Alloyed P91 Steels. Steel Research International .


Bagui, Sumanta and Mandal, M and Sahoo, Biraj K and Laha, K and Tarafder, Soumitra and Mitra, R (2022) Investigation of non-classical creep behavior of Inconel 617 alloy at 700 degrees C and 800 degrees C through interrupted tests and microstructural characterizations. Materials Science and Engineering A, 832 .

Banerjee, Riya and Chakladar, S and Chakravarty, S (2022) Extraction of Rare Earth Metals from Coal Ash Using Mild Lixiviants in a Single Step Process. In: 8th Symposium on Rare Metal Extraction and Proceeding at the The-Minerals-Metals-Materials-Society (TMS)Annual Meeting, February 27-March 03, 2022, Anaheim, C A.

Bose, A and Singh, K and Dubey, P and Mishra, S K and Mishra, Suman K (2022) Study of dry sliding wear and corrosion behavior of nanocomposite Al-Si-N coated steel. Surface & Coatings Technology, 441 .


Chakladar, S and Vishwakarma, Dhiraj and Patar, Prasanjeet and Mohanty, Ashok and Chakravarty, S and Patra, Chiranjib (2022) Effect of surfactant, ionic strength, mineralogical composition, and surface morphology on zeta potential of bituminous coals of Indian origin. International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization .

Chakraborty, J and Oellers, T and Raghavan, R and Ludwig, A and Dehm, G (2022) Microstructure and residual stress evolution in nanocrystalline Cu-Zr thin films. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 896 .

Chandan, A K and Kishore, Kaushal and Hung, P T and Ghosh Chowdhury, S and Kawasaki, M and Gubicza, Jeno (2022) Effect of nickel addition on enhancing nano-structuring and suppressing TRIP effect in Fe40Mn40Co10Cr10 high entropy alloy during high-pressure torsion. International Journal of Plasticity, 150 .

Chattoraj, I and Kumar, Anil and Das, Swapan K and Tarafder, Mita and Tarafder, Soumitra (2022) Factors influencing the extent of hydrogen-enhanced brittle cracking in a Cu-strengthened HSLA steel during monotonic loading. International Journal of Materials Research, 94(11) . pp. 1228-1233.

Choudhary, C and Bar, H N and Pramanick, A K and Sahoo, K L and Mandal, D (2022) Effect of Strain Induced Melt Activation Process on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-5Ti-1B Treated Al-7Si Alloy. Metals and Materials International .

Choudhary, C and Pramanick, A K and Sahoo, K L and Mandal, D (2022) Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of M-SIMA processed Al-7Si alloy. Materials Science and Technology .


Das, B and Hossain, S M and Nandi, A and Debabrata, Samanta and Pramanick, A K and Chapa, S O M and Ray, Mallar (2022) Spectral conversion by silicon nanocrystal dispersed gel glass: efficiency enhancement of silicon solar cell. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55(2) .

Das, S and Metya, Avijit Kumar and Das, T K and Murugaiyan, Premkumar and Roy, Rajat K and Mahato, D K and Panda, A K (2022) Transduction Efficiency of a Magnetostrictive Sensor for the Generation of Guided Waves in Pipes Using Rapidly Quenched Amorphous Ribbons. IEEE Transaction on Magnetics, 58(6) .

Dutta, A and Sivaji, T and Ghosh, M and Fernandes, R and De, PS and Nayak, D and Sharma, R (2022) Corrosion behavior of AlCuFeMn alloy in aqueous sodium chloride solution. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 276 .


Gupta, N and Sahu, Ranjan K and Mishra, T and Bhattacharya, P (2022) Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of titanium phosphate free phosphorus doped Ti3C2 MXene with boosted pseudocapacitance. Journal of Materials Chemistry A .


Jha, Manis K and Choubey, Pankaj K and Dinkar, Om Shankar and Panda, Rekha and Jyothi, Rajesh Kumar and Yoo, Kyoungkeun and Park, Ilhwan (2022) Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (REMs) from Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries of Electric Vehicles. Minerals, 12(1) .


Kamaraj, A and Mandal, G K and Shanmugam, S P and Roy, G G (2022) Quantification and analysis of slag carryover during liquid steel tapping from BOF vessel. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 61(2) . pp. 202-215.

Kancharla, H and Mandal, G K and Singh, S S and Mondal, K (2022) Effect of prior copper-coating on the microstructural development and corrosion behavior of hot-dip galvanized Mn containing high strength steel sheet. Surface & Coating Technology, 437 .

Kancharla, H and Mandal, G K and Singh, S S and Mondal, K (2022) Effect of strip entry temperature on the interfacial layer and corrosion behavior of galvanized steel. Surface & Coating Technology, 433 .

Kishore, Kaushal and Chandan, A K and Hung, P T and Kumar, Saurabh and Kawasaki, M and Gubicza, Jeno (2022) On the enhanced hardening ability and plasticity mechanisms in a novel Mn-added CoCrNi medium entropy alloy during high-pressure torsion. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 904 .

Kishore, Kaushal and Chandan, A K and Sahoo, Biraj K and Meena, L K (2022) Novel observation of dominant role of strain rate over strain during pre-straining on corrosion behaviour of 304L austenitic stainless steel. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 277 .

Kumar, G and Bar, H N and Kumar, A (2022) Influence of Dynamic Strain Aging on Ratcheting Deformation Behavior of SA333 Gr-6 Steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance .

Kumar, Ratnesh and Goel, Himanshi and Jha, S K and Kumar, Shailendra and Kant, Rama (2022) Single potential step chronoamperometry for EC' reaction at rough electrodes: Theory and experiment. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 905 .


Lee, Jae-chun and Kurniawan, K and Kim, Soo-kyoung and Nguyen, Viet Tu and Pandey, B D (2022) Ionic Liquids-Assisted Solvent Extraction of Precious Metals from Chloride Solutions. Separation and Purification Reviews .


Mahato, P and Murmu, Manilal and Banerjee, P and Mishra, S K (2022) Magnetron sputtered films prepared from sintered Ti-based target and evaluation of tribological properties under the ball on disc condition with varying thickness and load. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology .

Mandal, M and Patra, S and Chakraborty, R and Saha, Partha and Shome, M (2022) Microstructural evolution and nanoindentation study of magnetic pulse welded Nitinol and Aluminium sheets. Materials Characterization, 184 .

Mani, M and Kadam, G G and Konwar, L J and Panda, A B (2022) Ru-supported mesoporous melamine polymers as efficient catalysts for selective hydrogenation of aqueous 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-bis-(hydroxymethyl)furan. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery .

Meshram, Pratima and Abhilash, (2022) Strategies for Recycling of Primary and Secondary Resources for Germanium Extraction. Mining Metallurgy & Exploration .

Meshram, Pratima and Virolainen, S and Abhilash, and Sainio, Tuomo (2022) Solvent Extraction for Separation of 99.9% Pure Cobalt and Recovery of Li, Ni, Fe, Cu, Al from Spent LIBs. Metals, 12(6) .

Mohanty, Sunati and Swain, Aijit (2022) Design and Simulation Analysis of Dewatering Hydrocyclones. Mining Metallurgy & Exploration . pp. 1277-1284.

Mukherjee, Shreya and Sivaprasad, S and Tarafder, S and Bhattacharyya, D and Kar, Sujoy Kumar (2022) Influence of ageing on high temperature tensile deformation of a Ni- based superalloy, HAYNES 282. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 917 .

Murugaiyan, Premkumar and Mitra, A and Roy, Rajat K and Panda, Ashis K (2022) Nanocrystallization and Core-loss properties of Fe-rich FeSiBPNbCu nanocrystalline alloy. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 552 .


Nath, S K and Randhawa, N S and Kumar, Sanjay (2022) A review on characteristics of silico-manganese slag and its utilization into construction materials. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 176 .


Petrovic, M and Fiket, Z and Medunic, G and Chakravarty, S (2022) Mobility of metals and metalloids from SHOS coal ash and slag deposit: mineralogical and geochemical constraints. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(31) . pp. 46916-46928.

Prakash, R and Hembrom, K and Majumder, S K (2022) Interpretation of induction time and particle recovery in a microstructured counter-current flow column. Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification, 176 .


Ravikiran, K and Mehtani, H and Sivaprasad, K and Prasad , M J N (2022) Influence of nickel-based buttering material on welded joint between SA508 low alloy steel and 304LN stainless steel. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 195 .


Sahoo, Biraj K and Srivastava, V C and Chandan, A K and Chowdhury, S G (2022) Enhancing the properties of Al-Ni added medium Mn steel by tailoring B2-NiAl precipitates through aging treatment. Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 837 .

Sahu, M and Ghosh, A and Kumar, J and Singh, S N and Sagar, S P (2022) Weibull parameter based probability distribution for predicting creep life of power plant materials: A non-destructive approach. In: 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials and Manufacturing (ICRAMM), November 25-26, 2021, India.

Sarma, Y S S and Gupta, N and Bhattacharya, P (2022) A composite electrode of 2D-Ti3C2 (MXene) and polyemeraldine salt of polyaniline for supercapacitor with high areal capacitance. Polymer Engineering & Science .

Selvi, G T and Jha, S K (2022) Anomalous interfacial stress generation and role of elasto-plasticity in mechanical failure of Si-based thin film anodes of Li-ion batteries. Bulletin of Materials Science, 45(1) .

Shekhar, Saurabh and Kumari, V and Sinha, S and Mishra, D and Agarwal, A and Sahu, K K (2022) Petro-Mineralogical and Geochemical Evaluation of Glauconitic Rocks of the Ukra Member (Bhuj Formation), Kutch Basin, India. Clays and Clay Minerals, 70(1) . pp. 135-153.

Siddique, A B and Mukhuti, K and Choudhary, S and Pramanick, A K and Hossain, S M and Ray, M (2022) Critical investigation of up-conversion and dual emission from nitrogen functionalized graphene quantum dots. Journal of Luminescence, 244 .

Singla, Rashmi and Senna, Mamoru and Mishra, T and Alex, T C and Kumar, Sanjay (2022) High strength metakaolin/epoxy hybrid geopolymers: Synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties. Applied Clay Science, 221 .

Sinha, Shivendra and De, S and Mishra, D and Shekhar, S and Agarwal, A and Sahu, K K (2022) Phosphonomethyl iminodiacetic acid functionalized metal organic framework supported PAN composite beads for selective removal of La(III) from wastewater: Adsorptive performance and column separation studies. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 425 .

Sirohi, S and Gupta, A and Pandey, C and Vidyarthy, R S and Guguloth, K and Natu, H (2022) Investigation of the microstructure and mechanical properties of the laser welded joint of P22 and P91 steel. Optics & Laser Technology, 147 .


Tripathy, S and Jena, P S M and Sahu, V K and Sarkar, S K and Ahlawat, S and Biswas, A and Mahato, B and Tarafder, Soumitra and Chowdhury, S G (2022) On the Competitive Substitutional Partitioning During Nano-pearlitic Transformation in Multicomponent Steels. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgical and Materials Science, 53(5) . pp. 1806-1820.

Tripathy, S and Sahu, V K and Jene, P S M and Tarafder, Soumitra and Chowdhury, S G (2022) On the importance of local equilibria in alloy design criteria for bulk nano-pearlitic steels and ensuing mechanical properties. Materials Science and Engineering A- Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 841 .


Yadav, Anshul and Mandal, J R and Panda, Asit Baran and Shahi, Vinod K (2022) Structural tailoring of ceria nanoparticles for fabricating fouling resistant nanocomposite membranes with high flux distillation. Colloids and Surfaces A Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 633 .

Yeon, J S and Gupta, N and Bhattacharya, P and Park , H S (2022) A New Era of Integrative Ice Frozen Assembly into Multiscale Architecturing of Energy Materials. Advanced Functional Materials, 32(19) .

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