Mobility of metals and metalloids from SHOS coal ash and slag deposit: mineralogical and geochemical constraints

Petrovic, M and Fiket, Z and Medunic, G and Chakravarty, S (2022) Mobility of metals and metalloids from SHOS coal ash and slag deposit: mineralogical and geochemical constraints. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(31) . pp. 46916-46928.

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Deposits remained after coal combustion are a well-known occurrence in the world; unfortunately, only a small percentage of such deposits are adequately regulated and, consequently, pose a serious threat to the local environment. Attenuation of negative consequences presupposes knowledge of a number of features, both of the deposit and the local environment as well the interaction with local biota. In this study, unregulated waste generated from decades of coal mining and combustion of superhigh-organic-sulfur Rasa coal, enriched in Se-U-Mo-V and located in a vulnerable karst region, was investigated. To assess the impact of landfill on the environment, in addition to its general geochemical and mineralogical features, the human health risk was assessed and the leaching of elements from the landfill, local soil, and the coal itself was investigated. For the latter, three extraction procedures, ASTM, EP, and TCLP (pH 4.93 and 2.9), were employed, mimicking different environmental conditions, including the sporadic occurrence of acid rains in the region. The soil around the landfill displayed enrichment in the majority of elements compared to expected values, with exception of Se, Mo, U, V, Sr, and Cu found at the highest levels in landfill samples. Mobility of elements was found to be controlled by both pH and mineralogy (carbonates and sulfates), whereby the overall highest relative mobility was observed in landfill samples for elements prevalently bound to sulfate phases. Calculated Hazard Quotient describes this landfill as a risk to the environment and human health through different pathways.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Leaching; Coal ash and slag; Metal(loid)s; SHOS coal Rare-Earth-Elements; fly-Ash; leaching Characteristics; Trace-Elements; Bottom Ash; Soil; Selenium; Constituents; Sediment; Quality
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