Extraction of nickel from Indian low-grade siliceous ore

Saha, A K and Khan, Z H and Akerkar, D D (1992) Extraction of nickel from Indian low-grade siliceous ore. Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Section C - Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy , 101 ( ). C52-C56.

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The possibility of extracting nickel from a low-iron, highly siliceous nickel ore of Indian origin using roast reduction followed by an ammonia leaching process has been examined. The ore used in the investigation contained 0.82 wt% Ni, 6.20 wt% Fe3O4, 12.04 wt% MgO and 60 wt% SiO2. Phase changes in the constituent minerals on heating were studied by differential thermal analysis, which reveals endothermic peaks at 110 and 695-degrees-C and an exothermic peak at 810-degrees-C. Significant process variables in studies of roast reduction include the amount of reductant, the temperature of reduction and chemical kinetics. Maximum nickel extraction was achieved by reducing the ore with 10 wt% fuel oil at 750-degrees-C. The reduced ore was given a preconditioning treatment in concentrated ammonium hydroxide solution to oxidize most of the metallic iron and was then leached in aqueous ammoniacal solution at ambient temperature to dissolve nickel. This gives 88.5% extraction of nickel as soluble ammine complexes.

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