Effect of Grain Refiner on Microstructural Feature Influence Hardness and Tensile Properties of Al-7Si Alloy

Choudhary, C and Sahoo, K L and Roy, Himadri and Mandal, D (2021) Effect of Grain Refiner on Microstructural Feature Influence Hardness and Tensile Properties of Al-7Si Alloy. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance .

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The effect of grain refiner on microstructural features, casting defects, formation of precipitates and eutectic Si particles, which influence the hardness and tensile properties of Al-Si alloys, is investigated in this study. The A-7Si alloy was prepared through melting and casting route with varying wt.% of Ti up to 0.2%. XRD, SEM and HRTEM analyses characterize the phases and aluminide (TiAl3 and Ti7Al5Si12) precipitates. The thermodynamic analysis, carried out by using FactSage software, confirms the presence of aluminides particle in the microstructure, which is formed at the liquid stage. The microstructure of as-cast Al-7Si alloy contains primary alpha-Al phase with dendritic morphology and eutectic phase having plate-like eutectic Si particle which is distributed at interdendritic regions. The morphology of primary alpha-Al grains is altered from dendrite network to fine equiaxed rosette type structure. Secondary dendrite arm spacing (SDAS) is reduced after adding grain refiner (Al-5Ti-1B) to the Al-7Si alloy. The eutectic Si is also refined to fine fibrous type particles. The shrinkage porosity and microcracks are also reduced after the addition of a grain refiner. The yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and elongation to fracture increase from 84, 117 MPa and 16% to 112 MPa, 148 MPa and 22%, respectively, after the addition of 0.1% Ti due to significant reduction in SDAS. Elongation decreases when the percentage of Ti increases more than 0.1%. The fracture mechanism of grain-refined alloy is changed from brittle to ductile fracture.

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