Studies on crystallization behaviour and mechanical properties of Al-Ni-La metallic glasses

Sahoo, K L and Sahu, Rina and Ghosh, M and Chatterjee, S (2008) Studies on crystallization behaviour and mechanical properties of Al-Ni-La metallic glasses. Bulletin of Materials Science, 31 (3). pp. 433-439.

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Alloy ingots with nominal composition, Al92−x Ni8La x (x = 4 to 6) and Al94−x Ni6La x (x = 6, 7), were prepared by induction melting in a purified Ar atmosphere. Each ingot was inductively re-melted and rapidly solidified ribbons were obtained by ejecting the melt onto a rotating copper wheel in an argon atmosphere. The crystallization behaviour of melt-spun amorphous ribbon was investigated by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffractometry and transmission electron microscopy. DSC showed that Al86Ni8La6 alloy undergoes a three-stage and rest of the alloys undergo a two-stage crystallization process upon heating. The phases responsible for each stage of crystallization were identified. During the first crystallization stage fcc-Al precipitates for low La-containing alloys and for higher La-containing alloys a bcc metastable phase precipitates. The second crystallization stage is due to formation of intermetallic compounds along with fcc-Al. Microhardness of all the ribbons was examined at different temperatures and correlated with structural evolutions. Precipitation strengthening of nano-size fcc-Al is responsible for maximum hardness in these annealed alloys.

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