Wear Mechanism of High Chromium White Cast Iron and Its Microstructural Evolutions During the Comminution Process

Shah, Minal and Sahoo, K L and Das, Swapan K and Das, Goutam (2020) Wear Mechanism of High Chromium White Cast Iron and Its Microstructural Evolutions During the Comminution Process. Tribology Letters, 68(3) (IF-2.566).

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The detailed deformation mechanism and its microstructural modifications of white cast iron grinding balls used in comminution have been investigated using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and XRD. De-shaping is the primary mode of ball consumption, and fracture of balls is a relatively uncommon failure mode. Deshaping is the manifestation of abrasive wear caused during the operation, and abrasive wear is accompanied by microstructural changes. Micro-cutting is the foremost mechanism. The original microstructure of the matrix of unused grinding balls was observed to have twinned martensite with omega phase with an orientation relation of M-(1 (2) over bar1)//T-((1) over bar2 (1) over bar) and {(1) over bar(1) over bar3}M//{11 (3) over bar }T and M-(1 (2) over bar 10)//omega(0 (1) over bar 10) and {(1) over bar(1) over bar3}M// {1 (2) over bar 1 (3) over bar}omega. However, the presence of unstable omega phase, located at the twinning boundary, causes detwinning and forms lath martensite during tempering caused by localized heat during abrasion. Nano-cementite is formed at lath boundaries. Some cracking was observed, but the crack orientation is radial, indicating a response to tangential stresses associated with abrasion as opposed to dynamic stress waves from high-angle impact. Tangential tensile stresses due to surface traction during the abrasion process lead to radial cracks in brittle eutectic carbides, which join up and cause material removal.

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