Ratcheting Fatigue Behavior of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel at Room Temperature

Mishra, Prerna and Rajpurohit, R S and Srinivas , N C S and Sastry, G V S and Singh, Vakil (2020) Ratcheting Fatigue Behavior of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel at Room Temperature. Metals and Materials International, Online (IF-1.990).

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Fusion reactor components undergo asymmetric cyclic loading,that leads to a progressive increase in plastic strain and causes deterioration in life of engineering components. This investigation deals with fatigue behavior of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel at room temperature and presents the effect of mean stress (sigma(m)), stress amplitude (sigma(a)) and stress rate ((sigma) over dot) on fatigue life, deformation and fracture behavior under asymmetric cyclic loading. A series of fatigue tests were conducted under asymmetric stress-controlled loading with different combinations of sigma(m) (190-210 MPa), sigma(a) (400-420 MPa) and (sigma) over dot (50-450 MPa/s). The plastic strain increased with increase in sigma(m) and sigma(a) and the fatigue life was reduced, whereas increase in (sigma) over dot reduced the accumulated plastic strain and the cyclic life was increased. The deformation behavior and microstructural changes under the influence of the three parameters (sigma(m), sigma(a) and (sigma) over dot) were examined by tranmission electron microscope (TEM). With increase in the three parameters (sigma(m), sigma(a), (sigma) over dot), the lath martensitic structure changed to subgrain structure along with dislocation cells and forest dislocations. Scanning electron microscopy revealed unique features of fractured specimens, with progressive reduction in diameter towards the fracture-end, fatigue striations on the tapered circumferential surface and dimples on the fracture surface.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Ratcheting fatigue; Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel; Mean stress; Stress amplitude; Stress rate
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