In situ investigations of microstructural changes during tensile deformation of AISI 304L stainless steels

Singh, N and Nanda, T and Kumar, B R and Das, S K and Singh, V (2019) In situ investigations of microstructural changes during tensile deformation of AISI 304L stainless steels. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 19(3) . pp. 672-679.

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The present work investigates the microstructural changes in an AISI 304L austenitic stainless steel during the early stages of tensile deformation (where austenite does not transform to strain induced martensite). In situ tensile experiments were conducted to record grain orientation changes and slip activation in the steel. The effect of grain size, neighboring grains, and annealing twins on orientation changes during deformation was investigated. Results showed that at a given strain level, grains lying in relatively softer regions and possessing higher Schmid factor values accommodated the plastic deformation initially and showed orientation changes toward the stable orientation. The relatively larger grains changed their orientations only at higher strain levels. Grain orientation changes were also influenced by size and crystallographic orientation of neighboring grains. For grains containing annealing twins, the orientation changes of twin and its grain were in different directions during deformation at a given strain level. Further, grains containing multiple twins showed delayed deformation. The study of tensile deformation behavior in this respect opens up new routes to alter and hence enhance the mechanical properties of materials by engineering their microstructure.

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