Assessment of Mechanical Properties for Dissimilar Metal Welds: A Non-destructive Approach

Ghosh, Arpita and Sahu, M and Singh, P K and Kumar, S and Ghosh, M and Palit Sagar, S (2019) Assessment of Mechanical Properties for Dissimilar Metal Welds: A Non-destructive Approach. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 28(2) (IF-1.476). pp. 900-907.

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Several engineering components are fabricated by joining similar or dissimilar materials. In the present investigation, welded joints between low alloy steel and austenitic stainless steel were considered. This assembly is one of the critical components in the heat transport system of water-cooled reactors of nuclear power plants. 309L austenitic stainless steel and IN 182 alloys were used for buttering low alloy steel during fabrication of joints. Weld metal was 308L austenitic stainless steel and IN 182, respectively, for the two assemblies. Buttering by 309L SS was performed by gas tungsten arc welding, and the same was done by shield metal arc welding at the time of applying IN 182. Joining of 304L SS and buttered assembly in both the cases was carried out by shield metal arc welding. Evaluation of Vickers micro-hardness was done across the weld centerline for both joints. Microstructure of different regions was examined for the joints. Apart from conventional destructive tests, ultrasonic evaluation of joints was also carried out to ensure weld integrity. In this respect, ultrasonic velocity in longitudinal and shear mode was measured along the transverse direction of the weld. Young's modulus was determined using ultrasonic tests as well as from the average hardness of different regions. The obtained Young's modulus by two different techniques revealed satisfactory co-relation. The Young's modulus obtained from ultrasonic measurements was used to determine the yield strength of different regions across the welds. This technique proved to be useful in identifying the failure prone area across the welded joint.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:micro-hardness; ultrasonic evaluation; welded joint; yield strength; Young's modulus;Microstructure; Joint; Interface; Evaluate
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