Quantification of Microtexture at Weld Nugget of Friction Stir-Welded Carbon Steel

Husain, M M and Sarkar, R and Pal, T K and Ghosh, M and Prabhu, N (2017) Quantification of Microtexture at Weld Nugget of Friction Stir-Welded Carbon Steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance , 26(5) (IF-1.331). pp. 2047-2056.

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Friction stir welding of C-Mn steel was carried out under similar to 800-1400 rpm tool rotation. Tool traversing speed of similar to 50 mm/min remained same for all joints. Effect of thermal state and deformation on texture and microstructure at weld nugget was investigated. Weld nugget consisted of ferrite + bainite/Widmanstatten ferrite with different matrix grain sizes depending on peak temperature. A texture around (phi(2) = 0 degrees, phi = 30 degrees, phi(2) = 45 degrees) was developed at weld nugget. Grain boundary misorientation at weld nugget indicated that continuous dynamic recrystallization influenced the development of fine equiaxed grain structure. Pole figures and orientation distribution function were used to determine crystallographic texture at weld nugget and base metal. Shear texture components D-1, D-2 and F were present at weld nugget. D-1 shear texture was more prominent among all. Large number of high-angle grain boundaries (similar to 60-70%) was observed at weld nugget and was the resultant of accumulation of high amount of dislocation, followed by subgrain formation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:carbon steel; dynamic recrystallization; friction stir welding; microhardness; shear texture
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