Thermo-mechanical simulation using gleeble system - advantages and limitations

Kumar, Vinod (2016) Thermo-mechanical simulation using gleeble system - advantages and limitations. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 58(1) (IF- 0.04). pp. 81-88.

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Thermo-mechanical simulation studies using Gleeble System have found extensive application in almost all spheres of metal processing industries including process optimization, development of new alloys, quality/ yield improvement and material characterization, etc. Physical simulation unlike numerical simulation being very close to the real world process can be very helpful in near exact reproduction of the process and in turn better results if carried out carefully. However, it has certain limitations too which must be clearly understood before planning for a study. Therefoere, such studies need to be carried out with precaution to achieve desired results. Otherwise, the simulated results may not find appreciation with actual processing. These limitations can be machine specific or understanding specific. For example, thermal gradient along length is advantageous for HAZ or continuous casting simulation but it limits the scope for hot tensile test due to low uniform temperature zone across gauge length. Similarly, most of the research papers published on hot compression to understand the hot workability or development of processing map are based on on-heating experiments involving heating the material to deformation temperature followed by deformation at different strain rate and temperature. The results generated are sometime used to optimize an industrial process which involves different thermal cycle of reheating the material to high temperature, soaking followed by cooling to deformation temperature and are unable to produce desired results.

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