Recovery of high value copper and zinc oxide powder from waste brass pickle liquor by solvent extraction

Sinha, Manish K and Sahu, S K and Pramanik, S and Prasad , L B and Panday, B D (2016) Recovery of high value copper and zinc oxide powder from waste brass pickle liquor by solvent extraction. Hydrometallurgy, 165 Part 1 (IF-2.605). 182-190.

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Solvent extraction of Cu and Zn from spent brass pickle liquor has been carried out using LIX 984N as an extractant. Very high difference in Delta pH(1/2) value for the two metals during the extraction indicates the ease of separating them under the appropriate conditions. Based on the bench scale results, metals were separated in a continuous mode using a laboratory scale mixer settler unit from the spent brass pickling solution containing 35 kg/m(3) Cu, 30 kg/m(3) Zn, 1.5 kg/m(3) Fe, 0.75 kg/m(3) Cr, 0.03 kg/m(3) Ni and 70 kg/m(3) H2SO4 with 30% LIX 984N in kerosene. High copper extraction (99.9%) at the phase ratio (O/A) of 2/1 was obtained at the equilibrium pH of 2.5 in a two-stage counter-current extraction process, leaving behind Zn, Cr and Ni in the raffinate. Zinc from the chromium free solution was then quantitatively extracted in three counter-current extraction stages at pH 5.5 and O/A = 2/1 with negligible co-extraction of nickel. From the respective loaded organic phases, copper and zinc were completely stripped off using 150 kg/m(3) H2SO4. The stripped solutions of Cu and Zn were utilized for the synthesis of high pure Cu metal powder and ZnO particles by the hydrothermal reduction/precipitation processes. Copper powder was synthesised in an autoclave at 20 bar H-2 pressure and 423 K in 2 h. On the other hand ZnO powder (4 bar) was prepared from zinc striped solution at pH 12 in an autoclave under autogenous pressure at 423 K in 2 h. The purity and morphology of the as-prepared powders were determined by chemical analysis, XRD and SEM-EDS studies. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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