Solidification characteristics of the Al-8.3Fe-0.8V-0.9Si alloy

Sahoo, K L and Sivaramakrishnan, C S and Chakrabarti, A K (2000) Solidification characteristics of the Al-8.3Fe-0.8V-0.9Si alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 31 (6). pp. 1599-1610.

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Studies of solidification behavior have been conducted on cast Al-Fe-V-Si alloys. The first phase to precipitate during solidification of an Al-8.3Fe-0.8V-0.9Si alloy is Al3Fe(V,Si), which is isostructural with the Al3Fe phase. Thereafter, the solidification proceeds through several invariant reactions. The final invariant reaction is associated with a pronounced arrest. The temperature of this arrest is a function of the cooling rate and modification treatment, with magnesium added as an Al-20 pct Mg or Ni-20 pct Mg master alloy. The coarse iron aluminide precipitates in a slow-cooled (>1 °C/s) cast structure transform to a ten-armed, star-like morphology upon chill casting the melt (cooling rate >10 °C/s) from 900 °C or upon water quenching from above 800 °C. Treatment with magnesium refines the morphology, size, and distribution of iron aluminide precipitates in slow-cooled alloys.

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