Performance Assessment of Partially Pre-fused Synthetic Flux in Basic Oxygen Steel Making

Pal, J and Ghorai, S and Bandyopadhyay, D and Ghosh, Sukomal (2015) Performance Assessment of Partially Pre-fused Synthetic Flux in Basic Oxygen Steel Making. Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, 22 (IF-0.675). pp. 916-923.

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Lump lime as the most common flux and iron ore as a coolant are used in basic oxygen steel making. However, high melting point, poor dissolution property, fines generation tendency and hygroscopic nature of lump lime often create problems in operation. As the combination of both iron oxide (Fe2O3) and CaO shows eutectic at 1 230 °C, a combined mass of iron oxide and lime melts at lower temperature and dissolves faster in a molten bath. A partially pre-fused synthetic flux (PSF) was prepared through an innovative way in combination of iron oxide fines viz. Linz Donawitz converter sludge and blast furnace flue dust and lime fines by micro-pelletization of the mix followed by coke breeze free sintering. The developed PSF shows good cold handling strength, low melting point (1 180 °C), good thermal shock resistance, etc. As a low melting synthetic flux, its performance was assessed through dissolution/melting study in hot metal bath and refining of hot metal in a simulated bottom blown converter using (i) PSF, (ii) only lump lime and (iii) lump lime with iron ore when keeping other conditions identical. Very fast dissolution (27–80 s for 1–3 g lumps), enhanced removal of C and P (11–12 min), controlled slag foaming, and reduced oxygen consumption was obtained for using PSF.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:synthetic flux; melting; refining; basic oxygen converter
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