Microbial Variants from Iron Ore Slimes: Mineral Specificity and pH Tolerance

Abhilash, and Ghosh, Anirban and Sarkar, Supriyo and Pandey, B D (2015) Microbial Variants from Iron Ore Slimes: Mineral Specificity and pH Tolerance. Indian Journal of Microbiology, 55(4) (IF-0.899). pp. 430-449.

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This paper describes the isolation of the native bacterial strains from the iron ore mines slime pond and its extremophilic characteristics. The two microbial isolates designated as CNIOS-1 and CNIOS-2 were grown in selective silicate broth at pH 7.0 and the organisms were tested for their selective adhesion on silicate and alumina minerals. The silicate bacteria with their exopolymers are very potent to grow over aluminosilicates. It was established that CNIOS-1 grew preferentially in the presence of silicate mineral compared to CNIOS-2 which grew in the presence of alumina. The organisms were tested for growth at various pH and trials were carried to define their efficacy for eventual applications to remove gangue minerals of silica and alumina from the raw material.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Iron ore slimes; Silica; Alumina; Bacteria; Adhesion
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