Development of novel Al-alloy (Al-5Mg)/10Wt.%TiB 2 metal matrix composites by in-situ reaction synthesis

Deole, G S and Tambavekar, A S and Baviskar, V R and Sable, S R and Chitale, M M and Nimbalkar, V M (2014) Development of novel Al-alloy (Al-5Mg)/10Wt.%TiB 2 metal matrix composites by in-situ reaction synthesis. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 56(3) (NON-SCI). pp. 179-186.

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There has been a constant drive for replacing monolithic aluminium alloys by aluminium based metal matrix composites (MMCs) in many industrial applications where high stiffness and high strength to weight ratio are required. The present paper describes a cost effective route to produce Al alloy-10 wt % TiB metal matrix composites 2 by in-situ molten flux assisted reaction synthesis. Aluminium alloys are widely used for commercial applications in transportations, automobiles, construction and similar industrial applications. Now a days main focus is given to aluminium alloy as a matrix material due to its unique combination of good corrosion resistance, low density, superior mechanical properties, good vibration damping, higher wear resistance due to which alloy finds extensive applications in naval applications. With TiB as particulate addition in Al-Alloy (Al-5Mg) matrix properties of 2 alloy can greatly be improved. In-Situ Al-Alloy (Al-5Mg) composite material prepared by reaction synthesis was cast into thick as well as thin section industrial components by gravity and pressure die casting route. Subsequent structure-property evaluation studies indicated sub-micron size reinforcement of in-situ formed TiB particles with improved physical and 2 mechanical properties as compared to conventional Al alloy & its composites. From industrial point of view, the Al-TiB composite has an advantage of easy recycle ability 2 over conventional Al-alloy composites.

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