Influence of density on Al-Cu composition during compaction process

Raji, K (2014) Influence of density on Al-Cu composition during compaction process. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 56(1) (NON-SCI). pp. 53-57.

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Powder metallurgy is a technology used for producing machine parts and oil impregnated bearings from a metal powder. Since highly accurate products can be efficiently mass-produced, the powder metallurgy is indispensable particularly in automobile industry .In general, a mixed powder including a metal powder is moulded by compression and the resultant green compact is then dewaxed. Subsequently, for example, in an alloy based powder metallurgy, the compact is sintered at a temperature of about 5500C and in this sintering process, the mixed metal powder forms an alloy, thereby increasing the strength of the compact. A cutting operation is then performed on the resultant sintered compact. Metal powders are produced in various methods such as atomization, shotting, stamping and ball milling. Spherical and dendritic metal powders are produced by atomization methods and flake shaped metal powders are produced by ball milling method. Milling is the main method for production of aluminium and bronze powders. For the investigation purpose a quantity of copper powder is added to aluminium powder and mixed well by using pot mill to get homogeneous mixture. The aim of this paper is to establish the correlation among flow rate, compaction and sintering process and densities of compact of 3 % of Cu in Al.

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