Interplay of stress, temperature, and giant magnetoimpedance in amorphous soft magnets

Kurniawan, M and Roy, Rajat K and Panda, A K and Greve, D W and Ohodnicki, P R and McHenry, Michael E (2014) Interplay of stress, temperature, and giant magnetoimpedance in amorphous soft magnets. Applied Physics Letters, 105 (22) (IF-3515). p. 222407.

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Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI)-based sensing devices have attracted attention from both academia and industry due to their low cost, flexibility, and excellent sensitivity. Potential applications range widely from current and stress sensors, navigation systems, magnetic recording, to more demanding ones such as field sensors for deep drilling and oil fracking at elevated temperature. To realize the latter, the temperature dependence of GMI effect must be well understood. Herein, we report a study on the GMI effect in a Cobalt-based amorphous microwire under temperature cycles between 20 degrees C-560 degrees C. The GMI ratio was observed to decrease from 126.1% at 20 degrees C to 68.5% at 230 degrees C, rapidly drop at similar to 290 degrees C and reach a near zero value above 320 degrees C in the first half of the measurement where the temperature was increased. Upon cooling down from 560 degrees C to 20 degrees C, the GMI ratio exhibits little variation at similar to 95% in the 260 degrees C-20 degrees C regime. Similarly, the anisotropy-temperature profile was also observed to change irreversibly during the temperature cycle. Previous work has found the correlation between internal stress, anisotropy, permeability, and GMI effect. We hypothesize that irreversibility in GMI-temperature and anisotropy-temperature profiles stem from internal relief in the amorphous structure, which is locked in during the rapid cooling. In the subsequent temperature cycles, the GMI-temperature and anisotropy-temperature profiles show little variation, thus supporting the notion that the internal stress relief is complete after the first temperature cycle. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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