Extraction of V2O5 from Bayer’s Sludge - An Overview

Meshram, Pratima and Kumari, Jyotsna and Abhilash, and Pandey, B D (2014) Extraction of V2O5 from Bayer’s Sludge - An Overview. In: Int Bauxite,Alumina and Aluminium Symposium-IBAAS 2014, 27-29th November 2014, Vishakapatnam, INDIA.

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Vanadium is a precious rare metal with very scarce resources available on earth’s crust. Due to scarcity of deposits of vanadium and generation of large quantities of tailings produced by mining and metallurgical activities, there is a need to find an economical way to recover vanadium from secondary resources. This article brings out a comprehensive data collection of efforts placed worldwide on extraction of vanadium from secondary sources like titaniferrous magnetite (TMO), vanadium sludge of aluminium industry, other resources like effluents, spent catalysts, LD slag, fly ash, oil sludge, spent vanadium catalysts, etc. Special emphasis is laid to the Bayer’s sludge or vanadium sludge. The processes developed or in vogue for extraction of vanadium are described in some detail, along with recent initiatives.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Bayer’s sludge; vanadium; alkali; extraction; precipitation; yellow salt
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