Alloy synthesis and material characterization of Zr-Ti-Nb based alloys

Chauhan, Gyanendra Pratap Singh (2012) Alloy synthesis and material characterization of Zr-Ti-Nb based alloys. Masters thesis, CSIR-NML .

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The day-by-day increasing pollution is lowering down the human health and utility of human organs. The lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients cause the malfunctioning of organs and bones in the human body. Apart from this, the fast growing population and the desperation to succeed is leading to harmful lifestyle as well as an increase in the number of accidents and mishaps, which is also causing a rise in the burden on the medical field. Hence, the need of the hour is to synthesize the alloy materials which can substitute the organs and other orthopedic requirements of the human body in the form of stents. Since early 80’s, the development of such alloy compositions is finding its applications. Early Ni-Ti alloys were used for these types of application work, but later on it is found that the coating of TiO2 got removed away time by time and as Ni is poisonous to human body. So, the replacements for this alloy system is finding out. As Zr, Ti, Nb all is good for human body i.e. no harmful effects have been found. So, the stents based on this system could be used for long time replacement or installment. As the alloying composition along with mechanical treatment govern the properties of the alloy system widely. So, justified amount of treatment is needed which creates alloys corresponding to use as stents in human body. The present investigation work deals with the Zr-Ti-Nb based systems and alloy based on this ternary system is synthesized and different number of material characterization techniques have been done on the as-cast alloys and macrohardness of the alloys is done. The dissertation work is divided into chapters which summarizes the important topics during the work. In the chapter 1, the relevant properties and applications of Zr, Ti and Nb are discussed along with basics of shape memory alloys and layout of the project. In the chapter 2, details of the instruments used during the project are discussed. In the chapter 3, the detailed experimental work is discussed along with the calculations and result analysis of the experimental result available is done on the basis of which conclusion and future suggestions have been discussed.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Supervisor(s):Pramanick, A K and Mandal, R K
Uncontrolled Keywords:Zr-Ti-Nb, TEM, precipitates
Divisions:Material Science and Technology
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