Graphene Coated Stel

Kumar, Ravi (2014) Graphene Coated Stel. Masters thesis, NML.

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Corrosion is a serious global problem, affecting our daily lives and causing million dollar lost in industry annually. Chemical reaction occurs when metal surface comes in contact with oxygen in air, resulting metals being oxidized and corroded. Various methods have been employed by the industries to protect metal from corroding, such as applying coating with paints and varnishes. However, each method has its own limitations, such as modification of the protected metal, thickness of the coating, altering the dimensions and conductivities of the metal and enormous cost involves in the coating process. Therefore, the challenge in developing a protection barrier from corrosion is to develop an economical yet efficient method for the coating material. In this project, we developed a method of coating metal surface with graphene layer to obtain corrosion protection. According to studies Graphene, a single atomic layer of carbon is a material that has proved excellent impermeability due to its hexagonal stricture that contains sp2 Hybridized carbon atoms having three in-plane bonds to neighbour atoms, and one free orbital perpendicular to the sheet. Graphene’s p-orbitals forms a dense, delocalized cloud that blocks the gap within its aromatic rings. This creates a repelling field, which does not allow even the smallest molecules, like hydrogen and helium, to pass through even when 1–5 atmosphere pressure difference is imposed across its atomic thickness at room temperature. This Impermeable grapheme can be used as a barrier membrane for environmentally hazardous agents and as an anticorrosion coating on steel. Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is used for grapheme coating on Cold rolled low carbon steel substrates and corrosion studies were carried out at different growth conditions. At different flow rates of LPG, H2 and Ar grapheme quality was studied whether this act as corrosion resistance film.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Supervisor(s):Pramanick, A K and Sahu, R K
Uncontrolled Keywords:Steel substrate, graphene coating, LPG
Divisions:Material Science and Technology
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