Studies on pyrometallurgy of vanadium bearing iron, steel and slag

Ray, Ashok K and Goswami, B and Raj, A and Singh, M P (2013) Studies on pyrometallurgy of vanadium bearing iron, steel and slag. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 55(2) (Non-SCI). pp. 99-111.

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Decarburization of alloy steel melts has appeared to reduce valuable elements into slag layer after oxidation. Reduction of such depletion of valuable alloy elements has been done by carbon dioxide addition to oxygen and bubbling into melt of reactor in place of addition of ferro-alloys and deoxidizers to recover elements from slag, e.g. Fe- Cr, Fe-Cr-V and Fe-V alloy melts have been decarburized without loss of Cr- and Voxides into slag. Nitrogen dissolution in Fe-Cr and Fe-V alloys have been accounted in terms of adsorption coefficient, which has been greater in Fe-V melt at molten condition than molten pure iron. Denitrogenation of melts has shown differences in molten iron based on type of alloy elements. Liquid drop calorimeter experiment and quasi-chemical model have been acceptable process to determine mixing enthalpies of Fe-V alloys.Extraction of vanadiferrous magnetite ore has been changed from submerged arc furnace(SAF) to open slag bath furnace (OSBF) with process stability. VO1+x stability data has been done from characterization of three phase equilibrium. Studies in grain refinement by electroslag refining (ESR) of 15CDV6 steel have described an optimum level of inoculant and variation associated to alloy elements. Recovery of valuable element from steel making slag has been reported for vanadium. Characterization of V-concentrating phase in slag has been studied to reutilize for alloying purposes.

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