Solvent extraction of copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel from sulfate solution in mixer settler unit (MSU)

Jha, Manis K and Gupta, Divika and Choubey, Pankaj K and Kumar, Vinay and Jeong, Jinki and Lee, Jae-chun (2014) Solvent extraction of copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel from sulfate solution in mixer settler unit (MSU). Separation and Purification Technology, 122 (IF-3.065). pp. 119-127.

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The disposal of large quantities of electronic scraps generated globally is causing not only environmental pollution but also loss of valuable resources. Therefore, R&D efforts have been made to develop a suitable solvent extraction (SX) process for extraction and separation of various metals viz. copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel from the solution expected from the leaching of e-scraps. Different process parameters viz. pH, aqueous to organic ratio, extraction isotherm to establish stage requirement for extraction in continuous mode, etc. have been studied to optimize the condition for the separation of metals. The studies showed the selective extraction of copper after iron precipitation from the sulfuric acid leach solution of e-wastes containing 0.92 g/L Cu and minor impurities with 2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenoneoxime (LIX 84) above pH 2.0 in single stage. Further, extraction of zinc, nickel and cadmium was carried out using Cyanex 302. It was found that complete extraction of cadmium and zinc was taken place simultaneously using 2.5% Cyanex at eq. pH 2.1 leaving nickel in the aqueous raffinate, moreover Zn and Cd was selectively stripped out using 10% H2SO4 and 10% HCl, respectively. Based on the above studies a complete process flow sheet has been developed for separation/recovery to Cu, Zn, Cd and Ni from the leach liquor of e-waste.

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