Processing of ilmenite (FeOTiO2) for value added products

Murthy, G V S and Parveen, Nikhat and Nagesh, Ch R V S (2012) Processing of ilmenite (FeOTiO2) for value added products. In: XXVI International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) 2012 Proceedings, September, 2012, New Delhi.



Beach Placer Ilmenite is an important source for production of titanium metal, titania slag and pigment grade titanium dioxide. Besides, these well known applications for which Ilmenite is mined and processed, there are other emerging processes that are being tried for obtaining highvalue products. Synthesis of Ilmenite based materials for varistor applications and direct electrochemical reduction of Ilmenite to produce ferrotitanium are two such attempts being discussed in this work. In this paper, recent efforts undertaken to study the electrical and magnetic characteristics are discussed. Ilmenite, FeTiO 3 , is one of the mixed-valence transition metalbearing minerals, inwhich Fe can be in two different oxidation states, Fe 2+ and Fe 3+ .. Similarly, Ti can be in Ti 3+ and Ti 4+ .Ilmenite is inherently suitable for making Varistors, which are devices, used for limiting the transient voltage surges in a circuit. Varistors produced from Ilmenite can withstand harsh environments seen in nuclear reactors and outerspace. Electrochemical reduction of Ilmenite can be used to prepare ferrotitanium directly without any reductant. The process essentially involves removal of oxygen from the mineral through electrolytic action using calcium chloride as electrolyte and graphite as anode. At a temperature of 950°C, it is shown to be possible that all the oxygen can be removed from the Ilmenite sample, which passes through the electrolyte, to form CO/CO 2 at the anode. The process has immense potential for cost effective production of titanium metal as well. Results of the above developmental works are presented in this paper.

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