Kinetics of Chlorination of Tantalum Pentoxide with Carbon Tetrachloride

Chakraborty, M and Srikanth, S and Brocchi, E A and Jena, P K (1997) Kinetics of Chlorination of Tantalum Pentoxide with Carbon Tetrachloride. In: Recent advances in metallurgical processes- Vol 1, 16th-19th July 1997, IIS,Bangalore.



Tantalum chloride is used as a feed material for the plasma reduction using hydrogen and in the chloride bath fused salt electrolysis routes to produce tantalum. Most of the tantalum, however, occurs in nature in the oxide form. The traditional chlorination process employs gaseous chlorine and carbon as reductant at high temperatures (1073-1273 K). Use of carbon tetrachloride as the chlor- inating agent is expected to reduce the chlorination tem-peratures significantly resulting in lower energy cons-umption and cost of capital equipment for chlorination. The purpose of the present study was to explore the use of carbon tetrachloride as an alternative chlorinating agent for Ta205. The kinetics of chlorination of pure tantalum pentoxide powders with carbon tetrachloride in nitrogen atmosphere was investigated in the temperature range 733-853 K and Pccia in the range 20-60 kPa. The kinetic results were found to conform to a diffusion controlled reaction model. Equilibrium conversions to chloride and the gas phase composition at different temperatures and partial pressures of CCI4 were calculated using the free energy minimisation technique.

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