Frother Dependency in Coal Flotation

Bhattacharya, S and Dey, Shobhana and Ahmad, Zahid (2004) Frother Dependency in Coal Flotation. In: International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology (MPT-2004), February 19-21, 2004, Regional Research Laboratory(CSIR) Bhubaneswar, Orissa.



Frother dependency in coal flotation was examined using four coals varying in origin, rank, type, proximate analy-sis and feed size distribution and three different types of frothers, natural product (pine oil), synthetic alcohol (MIBC) and a polyglycOl based synthetic frother, N 8586. No frother was found to be unique. MIBC and N 8586 were found to produce the best results for Bhelatand and composite coals, respectively; two coking coals of same origin and maturity with small difference in proximate analysis and feed size distribution. For the two non-coking coals of different origin and maturity with signifi-cant difference in proximate analysis and feed size distribution frother dependency appeared to be manifested in the choice of frother, its dosage and in particle surface characteristics and their interaction with the frothers used. MIBC, at a lower dosage produced the best result for Maltby coal, whereas, no frother could deliver encouraging result for the Amlorhi coal. Therefore, frother dependency in coal flotation appears to have many dimensions. These include origin, maturity and surface characteristics of the coal and also the frother type and dosage, collector — frother interaction and finally frother — particle surface interaction.

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