Study of Photocatalytic degradation of Congo red pollutants using microwave derived SrFe12O19

Dadhich S, Devesh and Sahu, Ranjan K (2012) Study of Photocatalytic degradation of Congo red pollutants using microwave derived SrFe12O19. Training Report (TR). CSIR -NML, Jamshedpur. (Unpublished)

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The report talks about the degradation of Congo red under visible light using SrFe12O19. The synthesis of SrFe12O19 material using microwave combustion method followed by calcination at 950C for 3 hrs yields the particle size of less than 120 nm with the surface area of 5.5 m2/g. The diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and theoretical calculat-ion using density functional theory show that its band gap is ~1.65 eV. The photocatalytic results show that the degradation of CR steadily increases with the exposure time of visible light and it is more than 90% efficiency at 180 min. Moreover, it is observed that the photocataly-tic degradation efficiency is enhanced nearly 10% at low exposure time of visible light by using 5% Al doped SrFe12O19 catalyst. The measurement of the magnetic prop-erties of SrFe12O19 show that the magnetization and coercivity are 52 emu/g and 5400 Oe, respectively, showing the catalyst can be separated from the reaction chamber by applying low strength magnetic field. The results reveal that it is an efficient single-component based magnetic photocatalyst and easy to synthesize in comparison to the two-components based core-shell type magnetic photocatal-yst.

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