Ultrahigh Strength Steel: Development of Mechanical Properties Through Controlled Cooling

Maity, S K and Kawalla, R (2011) Ultrahigh Strength Steel: Development of Mechanical Properties Through Controlled Cooling. In: Heat Transfer - Engineering Applications. InTech , Croatia, pp. 309-336. ISBN 978-953-307-361-3

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Structural steels with very high strength are referred as ultrahigh strength steels. The designation of ultrahigh strength is arbitrary, because there is no universally accepted strength level for this class of steels. As structural steels with greater and greater strength were developed, the strength range has been gradually modified. Commercial structural steel possessing a minimum yield strength of 1380 MPa (200 ksi) are accepted as ultrahigh strength steel (Philip, 1990). It has many applications such as in pipelines, cars, pressure vessels, ships, offshore platforms, aircraft undercarriages, defence sector and rocket motor casings. The class ultrahigh strength structural steels are quite broad and include several distinctly different families of steels such as (a) medium carbon low alloy steels, (b) medium alloy air hardening steel, (c) high alloy hardenable steels, and (d) 18Ni maraging steel. In the recent past, developmental efforts have been aimed mostly at increasing the ductility and toughness by improving the melting and the processing techniques. Steels with fewer and smaller non-metallic inclusions are produced by use of selected advanced processing techniques such as vacuum deoxidation, vacuum degassing, vacuum induction melting, vacuum arc remelting (VAR) and electroslag remelting (ESR). These techniques yield (a) less variation of properties from heat to heat, (b) greater ductility and toughness especially in the transverse direction, and (c) greater reliability in service (Philip, 1978). The strength can be further increased by thermomechanical treatment with controlled cooling.

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