Effect of bimodaldistribution in ferritegrainsizes on the tensileproperties of low-carbonsteels

Patra, S and Hasan, Sk. Md. and Narasaiah, N and Chakrabarti, D (2012) Effect of bimodaldistribution in ferritegrainsizes on the tensileproperties of low-carbonsteels. Materials Science and Engineering A, 538 (15). pp. 145-155.

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In order to understand the effect of grainsize bimodality on the tensileproperties, low-carbonsteel samples having bimodalferritegrainsizedistributions, with different coarse-grainsizes (15–54 μm), fine-grainsizes (2.4–13.0 μm) and coarse-grain fractions (0.10–0.45) have been tensile tested. Samples having bimodalgrain structures showed lower strength (UTS: 395–744 MPa), better tensile ductility (eu: 8.5–19.4%) and lower YS to UTS ratio (0.63–0.84) than the ultra-fined grained steel (UTS = 900 MPa, eu = 5%, and YS:UTS = 0.93). In case of mixed grain structures, effective grainsize (Deff), numerical average grainsize (Davg) and the average grainsize in the fine-grain regions (Df) showed better correlation with strength (i.e. strength ∝ D−1/2) than the weighted average grainsize (Dwt). Coarse-grainsizes in the range of 15–35 μm and fraction of the coarse-grain regions in the range of 15–35% can be recommended for achieving the best tensile ductility. Measurement of micro-hardness and the change in grain aspect ratios from the coarse- and fine-grain regions indicated that the bimodalgrain structure can be considered as a composite structure, where stress and strain vary between the coarse- and fine-grain regions. Lower nucleation and higher growth of the voids in the carbide-depleted, coarse-grain regions (than carbide-rich, fine-grain regions) allow higher plastic deformation till fracture and improve the total-elongation of the steels

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Bimodalgrainsizedistribution; Ultra-fine grained steel; Tensile strength; Ductility; Strain hardening; Void distribution
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