Abstracts of papers- Symposium on Utilization of Metallurgical Wastes

Director, NML (1964) Abstracts of papers- Symposium on Utilization of Metallurgical Wastes. NML Technical Journal, 6 (1). pp. 18-29.

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The Rational Utilization of Fine Ores from the Lorraine Iron Ore Deposits -- Mechanization of iron ore mines leads to a higher production of fines which have to be agglo-merated before they can be charged into blast furnaces. In this paper the authors have examined the possibilities off- ered by the sintering and pelletizing processes towards a rational utilization of the Lorraine iron ore deposits, Sintering of fines from the low grade self-fluxing sedi-mentary Lorraine ores calls for better heat efficiency which has been discussed in detail both from theoretical and practical angles in relation to the main controlling parameters such as adjustment of bed depth; double layer charging and use of preheated air or additional burners ; and selection of a suitable solid fuel. Indus-trial development of sinter in France and its use in the Lorraine blast furnaces have been fully described and illustrated. Investigations were also carried out _recently on pelletizing of Lorraine iron ores, and the test data obtained from the IRSID Pelletizing pilot plant at Maiz-ieres-les-Metz have shown that the pellets obtained poss-ess good mechanical strength and chemical composition. A comparison between sinters and pellets is also given on basis of laboratory tests. In concluding, the authors stress that performances of blast furnaces with high sinter burden especially 100% self-fluxing sinter, are technically the- best and can often suggest an economical scheme for crushing and grinding all the ore and as far as pelletizing is concerned it is pointed out that it might become necessary in the future to carefully compare it with sintering before making a final choice of process for agglomerating iron ores.

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