Kinetic Modeling of High Temperature Oxidation of Ni-base Alloys

Chatterjee, A and Srikanth, S and Sanyal, S and Krishna, L and Anand, K and Subramanian, P R (2011) Kinetic Modeling of High Temperature Oxidation of Ni-base Alloys. Computational Materials Science, 50(3) (1.458 (SCI)). pp. 811-819.

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The rates of isothermal and cyclic oxidation and the elemental concentration profiles as a function of time of oxidation for a few Ni-base superalloys were determined through a modified Wagner’s oxidation model and the sol-ution of coupled elemental diffusion equations. Thermo-dynamically calculated interfacial elemental concen-trations and oxygen partial pressures for the multi-component Ni-base alloys were used as boundary conditions for the solution of Wagner’s equation and the elemental coupled diffusion equations (for Cr, Al and O). The multiple elemental diffusion and mass conservation equations were solved using a numerical procedure. The dependence of self/tracer-diffusivities of Cr, Al and O in the corundum phase on the oxygen partial pressures was deduced using a genetic algorithm based optimization procedure incorporating the experimental parabolic rate constants for several Ni-base alloys. Rates of cyclic oxidation were then deduced from the deterministic inter-facial cyclic oxidation spalling model (DICOSM) developed by Smialek [1]. The calculated oxidation rates were in reasonable agreement with the experimental values for a range of multi-component Ni-base alloys

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Official URL/DOI:http://10.1016/j.commatsci.2010.10.006
Uncontrolled Keywords:isothermal; oxidation; gas turbines; temperature corrosion
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