Effect of size parameters of mix ingredients on the porosity and reduction characteristics of sinter

Bhagat, R P and Chattoraj, U S and Goswami, M C and Singh, D P and Sil, S K (2007) Effect of size parameters of mix ingredients on the porosity and reduction characteristics of sinter. Steel Research International, 78 (6). pp. 451-454.

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The paper aims to describe the effect of size parameters of the mix ingredients on the tumbler index, porosity and reduction properties of sinter. These parameters are important factors for the furnace performance when the sinter is fed as burden material Understandably, the fines generated inside the furnace in the stack zone or during reduction affect the permeability of the stack zone, which results in a decrease in driving rate and CO utilisation. Pot sintering studies were carried out using hematite ore mix from typical mines in India. The sinter basicity (CaO/ SiO2) and MgO content in the sinter were kept at 2.1 and 1.5% respectively. The effect of the size parameters of the mix ingredients, namely size of coke, size of ore fines and that of limestone, on the porosity and quality parameters of sinter was investigated. The studies have shown that reducibility of sinter was well correlated with the proportion of micro-pores out of total pores available in the sinter. Micro-porosity of the sinter samples and their reducibility increased with decrease in the size range of coke breeze. Sintering of ore fines with reduced size, also, increased the sinter micro-porosity. Besides, the average pore radius and density of the sinter sample and consequently the sinter reducibility increased with decreasing ore size. When the size of flux was narrowed down to -3+0.5 mm from -3 mm, the reduction degradation index value declined from 26.8% to 25.6% with marginal decrease in sinter reducibility. Moreover, the speed of sintering increased as well.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:reducibility; reduction-degradation index; porosity; speed of sintering; tumbler index; sinter basicity; flux; size parameters
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