A review on the synthesis of Y-Ba-Cu-oxide powder

Pathak, L C and Mishra, Suman K (2005) A review on the synthesis of Y-Ba-Cu-oxide powder. SUPERCONDUCTOR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 18 (9). R 67-R 89.

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The preparation of Y-Ba-Cu-oxide (YBCO) powder by various techniques is critically reviewed and the synthesis of ultrafine superconducting YBa2Cu3Ox(123) powders is specially emphasized. The fine powder has assumed a large importance, requiring the minimization of processing parameters (time and temperature) during calcination, homogenization and sintering to avoid the problems of evaporation of the constituent oxides. From the voluminous research activities on YBCO it is known that by adopting any preparation technique the superconducting transition temperature (T-c) value of 92 K could be achieved in the bulk samples, thus in this review the Tc values are not emphasized. Also, the other transport properties such as critical current densities (J(c)) and magnetic properties are not discussed, since these properties are mainly controlled by many other parameters related to the weak link across the grain boundaries of the specimens, and a very little role is played by the synthetic procedure. The weak links across the grain boundaries are known to be the cause for the poor J(c) values in bulk specimens and those weak links are observed due to the presence of impurities at the grain boundaries, misorientation of grains and oxygenation of the samples. By selecting the proper synthetic procedure, only the impurity problem can be solved, and to remove the other problems, a proper fabrication method needs to be adopted. This review will guide the new researcher to find the appropriate technique to synthesize good quality YBCO powder.

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