Flotation responses of Gondwana coal in release analysis

Dey, Shobhana (2005) Flotation responses of Gondwana coal in release analysis. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy (Trans. IMM C), 114 (4). pp. 248-254.

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The characteristics of Gondwana coal are found to be different from the carboniferous coal. The lack of vitrinite content and the abundance of mineral matter (hydrophilic particles) reduce the floatability of coal. The presence of large amount of pores increases reagent consumption. Bearing all this in mind, the release analysis and collector-less flotation were performed with a high-rank coking coal of Gondwana origin. Flotation tests were carried out with different feed sizes with three different frothers – pine oil, MIBC and a polyglycol-type synthetic frother (SF). The results of release analysis and collector-less flotation changes with the feed sizes and frothers are reported. Even with the same frother, the responses of the two procedures varied with the change in feed sizes. This indicates that with the same feed size and the same coal, the responses of frothers are also dependent on the processes followed. In some cases, the release analysis procedure is better than that of collector-less flotation and vice versa.

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