Effect of Severe Plastic Deformation by High Pressure Torsion Process on Aluminium 6082 alloy

Sengupta, Vivek (2011) Effect of Severe Plastic Deformation by High Pressure Torsion Process on Aluminium 6082 alloy. Training Report (TR). National Metallurgy Laboratory, Jamshedpur. (Submitted)



Severe plastic deformation (SPD) is one of the most promising methods for fabricating bulk ultrafine grained (UFG) materials for use in industrial applications. During the SPD process, grain refinement is achieved by imposing very large strains in the samples through plastic deformation without any concomitant changes in their cross sectional dimensions. It is well known that the plastic deformation of metallic materials depends upon dislocation slip and twinning as two of primary deformation mechanisms. Most investigations have focused on grain refinement mechanisms in metals with relatively high stacking fault energy so that dislocation slips as the dominant deformation process. For these metals, it was found that dislocation cell or low angle grain boundaries are first formed through dislocation accumulation at the beginning of the SPD process and additional deformation then transforms these interfaces into high-angle GBs through dislocation rearrangement and/or grain rotation. For metals and alloys having low values for the SFE, in which twinning may play a major and even dominant role in the plastic deformation, the grain refinement mechanism during SPD processing is not clearly defined. Nevertheless, there are some investigations showing that, when using the same SPD process, the material with a lower SFE may have a smaller grain size. The UFG materials processed by SPD generally have high strength but relatively low ductility is attributed to insufficient strain hardening due to an inability to accumulate dislocations.

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