Environmental Issues to be Addressed in Indian Alumina Refineries and their Possible Solutions

Chandwani, H K and Vishwanathan, V and Mahadevan, H (1998) Environmental Issues to be Addressed in Indian Alumina Refineries and their Possible Solutions. In: UNSPECIFIED.



India is endowed with a vast bauxite reserve totalling 3037 million tons,more than 87% of which is deemed fit for the production of metallurgical grade alumina by the Bayer 's process. In spite of having such a vast bauxite reserve, the country 's alumina production is very meagre and poised for augmentation in the near future. Also, the existing alumina plants except for Nalco, which has been set-up in the eighties , all the other existing plants are quite old and require modernisation and capacity expansion. With further additional capacities, may it be new green field plants or brown field expansions, there would be an increasing concern mainly for bauxite residue disposal, the working environment and nearby surroundings. The working environment in the alumina plant is critical due to the handling of corrosive chemicals, toxic fumes, air borne emissions, noise hazards and require necessary safety monitoring system. Based on plant operation experience and critical literature survey it is thought that the environmental measures possible under the Indian conditions would match even the best available in the alumina industry abroad, so that there will be a very little negative impact. This paper attempts to bring out the possible areas of concern with measures available and comparison of those with the best possible under the Indian conditions. The overall assessment of impact on the environment including the social , cultural and economic would be highly beneficial to the project planners, local community and the country in general

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