Light Metal Matrix Composites - Present Status & Future Strategies

Pal, B C and Pillai, R M and Satyanarayana, K G (1998) Light Metal Matrix Composites - Present Status & Future Strategies. In: UNSPECIFIED.



The unique tailorability of the composites to meet the required properties has made them as advanced engineering materials . The continuous fibre reinforced metal matrix composites were developed first . The high cost of the fibre as well as fabrication made them very expensive and hence they are used only in selected critical areas of aerospace and defence . The invention of synthesising discontinuous reinforced metal matrix composites by stir casting initiated in India in the early seventies 1 s a landmark in the history of Metal Matrix Composites (MMC). The initial feasibility studies on making the composites with variety of dispersoids for tailoring new materials possessing special properties with lower cost had kindled interest in many R&D and academic institutions in India in the eighties . Extensive R&D activities were witnessed during this period . The work carried out during this period can broadly be classified into processing methods . structure property correlation , specific property evaluation , prototype component development and evaluation , etc. The expected impact of composite as an exciting engineering material did not take place in the nineties.The industries are still not receptive and their response is lukewann . At present,only selective academic and R&D Institutions in India are pursuing MMC activity on a low profile . Eventhough similar trends in R&D were observed abroad in the developed countries wherein the industrial applications of composites specially in automotive and engineering industries is steadily increasing Indian industries are yet to think of using MMC components . This calls for a renewed concerted and sustaining effort,pooling up the resources and knowledge as well as consortium type approach among Indian R&D and Academic Institutions . The identified areas include generation of data bank on MMC and their properties. pilot plant production facility for demonstration of prototype developments under simulated industrial conditions , bringing down the cost by redesigning the components, etc.

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