Catalyst Evaluation for the Vapor-Phase Oxidation of p -Xylene

Kumar, Vinay and Grover, Prem D (1991) Catalyst Evaluation for the Vapor-Phase Oxidation of p -Xylene. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 30 (6). pp. 1139-1141.

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Catalytic vapor-phase oxidation of p-xylene was studied in an isothermal plug flow reactor using mixed oxides as catalysts, viz., V-Ce-O, V-Fe-O, V-Mg-O, V-Co-O, and V-P-O. Among the catalysts investigated, only V-Fe--O and V--Ce-O exhibit sufficiently high activity with respect to products of oxidation. The activity of the various catalysts is in the following order: V-Fe-0 > V-Ce-O > V205 > V-P-O > V-Mg-O > V-Co-O. The catalyst V-Ce-0 is found to be more selective for p-tolualdehyde than that of the most. active catalyst V-Fe-0 in the temperature range 325-4250C.

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