Enhancement of reactivity and increased usage of low lime class -F-fly ash-possible avenues

Karandikar, M V and Lele, P G and Khadilkar, S A (1999) Enhancement of reactivity and increased usage of low lime class -F-fly ash-possible avenues. In: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Fly Ash Utilisation, February 26-27, 1999, NML Jamshedpur, India.



The low lime class-F fly ash available in the country shows high degree of variability in the quality, higher content of crystallites , lower glassy phase which accounts for lower of usage in cement and concrete . The time reactivity test used for assessing the pozzolanicity of fly ash did not always correlate with its observed reactivity in Blended cements . An alternative rapid alkali reactivity rest developed at the authors ' laboratory is illustrated in the paper. The paper also discusses the possibility of increasing the reactivity of fly ash and effect of the reactive fly ash on characteristics of PPC and concrete. The paper further discusses other avenues of fly ash utilisation, which could be categorised as low, medium and high value applications. One of such applications developed at the authors ' laboratory that merits special interest, is the Hydrogel process of clinkerisation , which has a potential for utilisation of 20-30% fly ash as a raw material in cement manufacture.

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