NML Technology Handbook

Director, NML (2010) NML Technology Handbook. National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.



Technology on Standard Reference Materials ANC001 1 Arsenic Removal from Groundwater ACC001 2 Electroless Nickel Plating ACC002 3 Ethyl Silicate Based Zinc Rich Primer ACC003 4 Flux for Hot Dip Galvanising of Steel Components ACC004 5 Metasave ACC005 6 NML-Galvaflux ACC006 7 NML-Galvasave ACC007 8 NML-HCL Inhibitor ACC008 9 Reclamation of Coal Mine Water ACC009 10 Rust Stabilizer ACC010 11 Zinc Powder based Coating ACC011 12 Copper Powder from Copper Wastes Scrap MEF001 13 Fluxed sinter through Micro-Pelletization MEF002 14 Geo-Polymer Cement MEF003 15 Geo-Polymer Paving Blocks/Tiles MEF004 16 Iron Oxide from Waste Iron Rich Sources MEF005 17 Lead Recovery from Lead containing Residues MEF006 18 Lithium Chemicals MEF007 19 Mag Chem MEF008 20 Nickel From Spent Nickel Catalyst MEF009 21 Nickel Sulphate MEF010 22 Portland Pozzolana Cement MEF011 23 Tungstic Acid MEF012 24 Wear Resistant Ceramics using Fly Ash MEF013 25 Technology Code Page Acid /Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar MNP001 26 Agglomeration of Iron Ore & Concentrates from Slimes MNP002 27 Beach Sand Heavy Minerals MNP003 28 Beneficiation of Low grade Iron Ores MNP004 29 Beneficiation of Low grade Baryte Ores MNP005 30 Beneficiation of Tungsten Ores MNP006 31 Clean Coal(Coking/Non-Coking) MNP007 32 Copper Concentrate from Copper Ores MNP008 33 High Quality Magnesite MNP009 34 Pellets from Iron Ore Fines/Slimes MNP010 35 Phosphate Concentrate MNP011 36 Metal Values from Waste Printed Circuit Boards MNP012 37 Separation of Quartz & Feldspar MNP013 38 Utilization of Iron Ore Slimes MNP014 39 Alumina - (Ti, Zr) Borides Composite MST001 40 Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Nano-bio Ceramic MST002 41 Diamond Polishing Wheel MST 003 42 Magneto-Impedance based Magnetic Sensor MST004 43 Nano Crystalline Ferromagnetic Ribbons MST005 44 Ferro-fluids MST006 45 Magnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Device MST007 46 Magnetic Sensing Device MST008 47 Nanobioceramics MST009 48 Nano-composite Coating MST010 49 Portable Stress Strain Measuring System MST011 50 Rejuvenation of Hot Gas Path Components of Gas Turbine MST 012 51 Technology Code Page Wide Metallic Glass Ribbon MST013 52 Zirconium Diboride Powder MST014 53 Column Flotation NMC001 54 Electroless Nickel Alloy NMC002 55 Electrolytic Coloring of Titanium NMC003 56 Purification of Industrial Effluents NMC004 57 Removal of Pollutants from Industrial Effluents NMC005 58 TiO2 Nano Tubular Arrays on Ti and its Alloys NMC006 59 Zero Waste Phosphating Process NMC007 60

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