Beneficiation studies on Bolani iron ore

Bhattacharyya, P and Ghosh, S R and Srivastava, J P and Sinha, P K and Sengupta, S K and Maulik, S C (1997) Beneficiation studies on Bolani iron ore. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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The iron ore washing plants generate slime on an average of 10 - 20% by weight of the ore and is wasted. Apart from loss of resource, these slimes pose problem of disposal and consequent damage to environment. To reduce problems of slime, it should be treated, as a part of beneficiation, to minimise waste generation. Out of five number of different varieties of Bolani iron ore bulk samples, two bulk composite samples were prepared in the proportions as decided by the sponsor. The first sample was found to be of very good quality assaying 66.69% Fe, 1.27% SiO, and 1.8% Al,O and only crushing and sizing (dry) were done for physical characterisation. The second sample (assaying 63.68% Fe, 2.05% SiO, and 2.6% AI,O,) was beneficiated to produce washed lump weighing 49.9% and with assay of 65.0% Fe. 1.8% SiO, and 2.1% Al,Or Combined fines weighed 42.7% assaying 63.95% Fe, 1.81% Si02 and 2.54% A1,03 leaving slime reject 7.4% by weight and assaying 51.27 % Fe, 5.6 % SiO, and 8.82% Al,O3 which not only reduced waste generation but improved recovery also.

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