Beneficiation of low grade kyanite from Sirboi Mines of Singhbhum District

Kunwar, R K and Maulik, S C and Chakravorty, N (1997) Beneficiation of low grade kyanite from Sirboi Mines of Singhbhum District. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Kyanite is used mostly in the manufacture of high alumina, high performance refractories. The major workable deposits of kvanite occur in Singhbhunt District of Bihar. Kyanite from Sirboi mines is however of low grade and need to be beneficiated to achieve the desired specification. The sample assayed 40.43% Al2O3 and 50.39% SiO, contained kyanite as mineral of economic interest with quartz constituted the bulk of gangue mineral. The liberation of kvanite from associated gangue was reported to be below -48 mesh size. Gravity concentration by tabling at -48 mesh size were not very encouraging. Froth f lotation studies using sodium silicate as depressant and oleic emulsion as collector at alkaline circuit (pH 9.1 - 9.3) did not respond to the desired grade or recovery. Flotation at pH (3.5) employing lactic acid as a depressant and sodium petroleum sulphonate as collector produced a concentrate assaying 60.3% Al,0J, 33.8% SiO, and 0.38% Fe with 55.0%AI,OJ recovery. Thus, the flotation concentrate pro¬duced in acid circuit (pH 3.5) meets the specifications and is suitable for blending

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