Studies on certain aspect of superconductivity with reference to high Tc superconductors

Goswami, B and Ray, Ashok K (2007) Studies on certain aspect of superconductivity with reference to high Tc superconductors. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 49 (4). pp. 183-213.

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Superconductivity is normally a property of low temperature. The reduction of effects from the obstacle particles to the electron flow is reduced by the mutual sharing of interactions between the paired electrons of Cooper. Superconductivity is a zero resistance conduction of super carriers. The interaction of Cooper pair existence at under temperature and subsequent breaking of bond on excitation has been interpreted by Fermi band theories, where both Cooper pair and single electrons exist together. Superconductors have developed to operate at liquid nitrogen temperature. These are mostly compounds based on cuprates. Materials of partially reverse conduction behaviour at normal and at superconducting state have many applications. Introduction of implements from sensitive instruments to power plant inductors have been the establishment of these theories. The theories of superconductivity includes critical parameters and Meissner effects, acoustic attenuation, electronic conductivity, perfect diamagnetism, concepts of super fluid electrons, concepts of thermodynamics, e.g. Ruger's formula, and BCS theories, and interactions of Cooper pairs, Frohlich interactions, concepts of coherence length and volume, concepts of fluxoids and their quantization. High temperature super conductors (HTSC) have very wide applications in the near future. 1-2-3 compounds are HTSC discovery of 1980′s. These consist of two composite superconducting layers at top and bottom and a central charge reservoir at under temperature (90K). Present context contains some brief discussions on superconducting wires, superconducting generators and energy storage, superconducting magnets and superconducting power transmissions etc.

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