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Kumar, Sunil and Mishra, T (2020) Shock wave induced exfoliation of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) in various solvents: All-atom molecular dynamics simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 314 (5.065). p. 113671.

Kumar, Sunil and Mishra, T and Mahata, Avik (2020) Manipulation of mechanical properties of monolayer molybdenum disulfide: Kirigami and hetero-structure based approach. Material Chemistry and Physics, 252 (2.781). p. 123280.

Chakravarty, Koushik and Kumar, Sunil (2020) Increase in energy efficiency of a steel billet reheating furnace by heat balance study and process improvement. Energy Reports, 6 (IF-3.83). pp. 343-349.

Kumar, Sunil (2020) Structural Evolution of Iron–Copper (Fe–Cu) Bimetallic Janus Nanoparticles during Solidification: An Atomistic Investigation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (IF-4.309). pp. 1053-1063.

Kumar, Sunil and Pattanayek, S K (2019) Effect of Multiaxial Tensile Deformation on the Mechanical Properties of Semiflexible Polymeric Samples. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 123(43) . pp. 9238-9249.

Kumar, Sunil and Pattanayek, S K (2019) Force induced removal of an encapsulated semi-flexible polymer from single walled carbon nanotube. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 516 . pp. 22-27.

Kumar, Sunil and Pattanayek, S K and Das, S K (2019) Reactivity-Controlled Aggregation of Graphene Nanoflakes in Aluminum Matrix: Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Journal of Physics Chemistry C, 123(29) . pp. 18017-18027.

Kumar, Sunil (2018) Wettability and Structural Evolution of Gold over a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube: An Atomistic Investigation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (IF-4.484). pp. 16346-16355.

Kumar, Sunil and Das, Suchandan K and Pattanayek, S K (2018) Evolution of nanostructure and mechanical properties of silver nano-particle in the confined region between graphene sheets: An atomistic investigation. Computational Materials Science, 152 (2.292). pp. 393-407.

Kumar, Sunil (2018) Spreading and orientation of silver nano-drop over a flat graphene substrate: An atomistic investigation. Carbon, 138 (IF-7.082). pp. 26-41.

Kumar, Sunil and Pattanayek, Sudip K. (2018) Semi-flexible polymer engendered aggregation/dispersion of fullerene (C60) nano-particles: An atomistic investigation. Chemical Physics Letters, 701 (1.815). pp. 22-29.

Kumar, Sunil (2018) Graphene Engendered aluminium crystal growth and mechanical properties of its composite: An atomistic investigation. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 201 (IF-2.084). pp. 41-48.

Kumar, Sunil and Das, Suchandan K (2018) Characterization of mechanical properties and nano-porous structure of Aluminium-Magnesium alloy during multi-axial tensile deformation: An atomistic investigation. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 740 (IF-3.133). pp. 626-638.

Kumar, Sunil and Mandal, G K and Rajnikanth, V and Misra, S and Ghosh Chowdhury, S and Srivastava, V C (2018) Effect of cooling media on microstructure and mechanical properties of Nb/Ti containing microalloyed steel. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 60(1) . pp. 1-12.

Paul, Surajit Kumar and Kumar, Sunil and Tarafder, S (2018) Orientation-dependent crack-tip blunting and crack propagation in a single crystal BCC iron. Bulletin of Material Science, 41(6) (IF-1.264). pp. 1-6.

Kumar, Sunil and Srivastava, V C and Mandal, G K and Pattanayek, S K and Sahoo, K L (2017) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Engendered Pseudo-1D Morphologies of Silver Nanowire. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (IF-4.536). pp. 20468-20480.

Paul, Surajit Kumar and Kumar, Sunil and Tarafder, S (2017) Effect of loading conditions on nucleation of nano void and failure of nanocrystalline aluminum: An atomistic investigation. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 176 (IF-2.151). pp. 257-262.

Kumar, Sunil (2017) Effect of applied force and atomic organization of copper on its adhesion to a graphene substrate. RSC Advances, 7(40) (IF-3.108). pp. 25118-25131.

Kumar, Sunil (2017) Graphene engendered 2-D structural morphology of aluminium atoms: Molecular dynamics simulation study. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 202 (2.084). pp. 329-339.

Kumar, Sunil and Das, Suchandan K (2017) A triaxial tensile deformation-induced nanoporous structure of aluminium: estimation of surface area, solid volume, and dimensionless aspect ratio. Physical chemistry chemical physics, 19(31) (IF-4.123). pp. 21024-21032.

Project Reports

Kumar, Sunil and Tiwari, S K (2012) Multilayer Alloy Coating on Mild Steel for Corrosion Resistance. Training Report (TR). CSIR -NML, Jamshedpur. (Unpublished)

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