Production of Ferromolybdenum from Indian Resources

Suri, A K and Gupta, C K (1997) Production of Ferromolybdenum from Indian Resources. In: Proceedings of the National Workshop on Ferro Alloy Industries in the Liberalised Economy. NML, Jamshedpur, India, Jamshedpur, pp. 71-82. ISBN 81-87053-27-5



In India, the resources of molybdenum are limited - primary sources are very low grade molysulphide deposits, molybdenum in low concentration co-occurs with copper and uranium deposits, processing of such deposits for copper and uranium yields small quantities of low grade molysulphide concentrate. Besides these, some quantities of molybdenum scrap andmolybdenum bearing effluents are generated as secondary sources in the countrv. This paper is concerned with the development of processes for treating these indigenous sources. Thefirst part of the paper describes the chemical processes for preparing pure compounds of molybdenum which could be utilized as starting materials for various metallurgical products of molybdenum. The second part of the paper deals with the production of ferroma! bdenum using these molybdenum intermediate compounds.

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