Smelting Reduction Kinetics of Fluxed Composite Reduced Iron Pellets(FCIP)

Goswami, M C and Prakash, S (1999) Smelting Reduction Kinetics of Fluxed Composite Reduced Iron Pellets(FCIP). Tool & Alloy Steels, 32 ( ). pp. 11-19.

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Fluxed composite pellets are produced from a mixture of blue dust , non-coking coal fines and lime powder using an organic binder. After pre-reduction in reducing atmosphere at a temperature of 1273K these fluxed composite reduced iron pellets (FCRIP) are then used for smelting reduction experiments in an induction furnace . FCRIPs are charged onto a molten slag layer floating on a carbon saturated molten iron bath taken in a graphite crucible. The temperature of the bath is varied in the range of 1623K to 1823K for the pellets of basicity varying between 0.82 and 2.0 Kinolic studios shown mixed kinetic model of both diffusion and chemical reaction and follow a model expressed by Ginsiling 13rounstrleirr as G(a) = 1 - (2/3) (rr) - (1 - a)213, where a denotos the degree of reduction. The into of reaction increases with increase in temperature and basicity. However, the basicity dependence on the degree of reduction is not very significant. Activation energy value is obtained in the range of 42 and 60 kJ/mole.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:: Fluxed composite reduced iron pellets (FCRIP), smelting reduction, carbon saturated molten iron bath , graphite crucible, basicity, kinetics , mixed model, diffusion , chemical reaction , activation energy.
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